URLTrak - Your 24/7 Real-Time Ad Tracking Service - Just $4 per month!


URLTrak - Your 24/7 Real-Time Ad Tracking Service!

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* Know what advertising methods are actually working for you! *

* Manage all your URLs in one place with UNLIMITED URL tracking. *

If you do a lot of emailing, advertising and promoting, then URLTrak can help by saving you precious amounts of your time and money.

What You Can Track with URLTrak:

-Any hyperlink placed anywhere (emails, banners, web pages, etc.)
-E-mail (Want to know if your e-mail has been opened?)
-Notification of Sign-ups or Sales made

What You Get with Your Account:

* Track unlimited URLs
* View real-time clicks to your links as they occur!
* View where clicks are coming from
* View what URLs were clicked
* View specific visitor information
   -Browser type and version
   -Operating System type and version
   -IP and Host information
* Set your Time Zone to view date and times for your Time Zone!
* View daily tracking history
* View monthly tracking statistics
* View yearly tracking statistics
* Start & Pause your existing tracking campaigns anytime
* Referral commission. Refer a friend, get paid a percentage!


How URLTrak Compares to Other Tracking Services

URLTrak is offering a very low monthly subscription rate. Other similar services charge from $9 to $60, or more, per month.

URLTrak offers the same functionality and more! Also, URLTrak is currently offering unlimited tracking links along with our very low monthly rate. At just $4 per month, you would be paying a mere .13 cents per day with URLTrak!

With our satisfaction guarantee, you can't go wrong!

Give us a try. We are certain you will be impressed with
-- and hooked on --
our unique tracking system.

However, if you are not satisfied, simply get a refund.

Grab Your Special Introductory Price!

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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