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Earn money with your site by linking to the Web's top merchants, for free.

LinkShare is the leader in providing partnership programs on the Web. With LinkShare you get access to the affiliate programs of over 400 of the Web's top merchants, all from one easy-to-use Web site. All for free. You also get extensive near-real-time reports about your earnings and activity with all your merchant programs. All in one place. All with LinkShare.

3 Reasons to join LinkShare today:

One user name and password gives you access to over 400 top merchants!

Earn revenue for your Web site!

It's quick, it's easy, and it's FREE!

If you have a Web site, you can become an affiliate. If you are interested in earning revenue from the traffic that comes to your site, and enhancing your site, you can join one or more affiliate programs.

An affiliate program is a partnership with an online merchant (that is, a Web site that sells goods or services). When you join these programs, you can put links on your site.

These links come in the form of banners, text links, and a number of other more sophisticated types of links. The HTML code for these links is supplied to you by online merchants through the LinkShare interface. You can put these links anywhere you want on your site. LinkShare can help you figure out how to place your links so that they are most effective.

How does it work? A visitor comes to your site. If the visitor clicks on one of the links you have put up, that visitor goes to the merchant's site. If that visitor buys something on the merchant's site, you get a commission.

In some cases, affiliates are compensated even if the visitor doesn't buy anything, just for having driven traffic to the merchant's site. In still other cases, affiliates can be compensated just for putting the link up on their site. The affiliate's reward varies from merchant to merchant and program to program, depending on the terms of the merchant's offer.

How much does it cost to join LinkShare as an affiliate? LinkShare is absolutely free for affiliates. Our goal is to help the best online merchants partner with great web sites. LinkShare charges merchants a fee for this service.

How many programs can I join? As many as you want. There is no limit to the number of programs that LinkShare affiliates can join. However, we recommend that you only select those programs that best suit your audience.

Why LinkShare? LinkShare is the most convenient, straightforward, and reliable affiliate program for affiliates. LinkShare hosts The LinkShare Network, where affiliates can use one username and password to quickly and easily find programs they want to join from among the 400 merchants who have affiliate programs through LinkShare. LinkShare is a trusted third party offering the most accurate tracking in the industry.

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