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Pay Per Click search engines provide online advertisers with a highly efficient, cost effective means of driving traffic to their websites.

Kanoodle's search results are incorporated by more than 10,000 search-enabled websites including CNET, Ixquick.com, Mamma.com and Galaxy.com, the Internet's first searchable directory.

Every partner that displays Kanoodle listings is created with the advertisers' ROI in mind. Our focus is on allowing our advertisers to target customers who are actively searching for their product and/or services.

Kanoodle currently places their clients' products and services
in front of 410 million searches monthly.

Kanoodle.com offers several free features that will assist our advertisers in maximizing and retaining a good return on their advertising investment with Kanoodle. With your account and for the lifetime of your account we will assign an Account Consultant for personalized live help and to explain the free tools we offer to manage your account.

For the sake of gaining additional exposure for your website, education on PPC Advertising, and gaining customers, this is an experience you can't afford to miss.

Working with the people at Kanoodle.com results in knowledge,
that knowledge gets you results.
Experience Kanoodle.com.

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