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Are You Marketing Online?

Join Commission Junction and become a PUBLISHER, placing advertisements on your website for member ADVERTISERS who pay you a commission.

It's like having well-known companies (like MSN, New York Times or eBay) Sponsor your website!

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Commission Junction, the largest pay-for-performance advertising network, acts as a trusted third party managing the network, tracking and reporting on the ads in real time, and handling monthly commission payments to network members.

A Publisher advertises products or services offered by another Web site merchant (the Advertiser) in exchange for a commission on leads or sales. The publisher displays banners, ads, text links or products on their Web site and is paid a commission by the advertiser when a visitor takes a specific action, such as filling out a form or making a purchase.

Publishers can get started today for free by signing up online and get paid in one monthly paycheck for all the online partnerships they develop through Commission Junction.

Advertisers pay only for performance - sales or referrals - instead of paying up front for advertising.

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