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You will not find the information this software provides
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What if there was a tool that could find new affiliate products, and even better, show how the product is doing, in terms of sales and success, so you can choose, based on accurate infomation, which affiliate products to sell, and by that improved your earnings?

If only there were a tool that could do all this:

- Find new affiliate products, those that have just been released.

- Find unexposed products, those that are already in the market, but don't have many affiliates yet and don't sell many copies.

- Find overexposed products. I don't want to waste my time and money in promoting them. Those products already have too many affiliates, sell too many copies, and sometimes you can even see that their sales are declining!

- Find all the products with a specific keyword and/or from a certain category or niche, and let me have one single list of all these products (without working too hard to find them!)

- Show me the affiliate margin, the percent I would earn from every sale.

- Give me immediate access to the affiliate product sales page, so I could read and evaluate its potential right away.

Affiliates Alert! A breakthrough in the way affiliates make money!

Until now, if you wanted to promote a product as an affiliate you had one of several choices.

1. Start promoting *after* you heard about the product from someone else.

2. Promote products that are so popular that everyone else is promoting them too.

3. Try to guess what products would sell well and hope you were not wasting your efforts.

Not a pretty picture.

Now here is the good news!

With Affiliates Alert you can KNOW which products are doing well, and which to avoid, because you will see their actual history in the marketplace.

Affiliates Alert is FREE, and you can get it right now by using this exclusive link ...

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Affiliates Alert - Powerful Free Software

A breakthrough in the way affiliates make money! You will not find the information this software provides anywhere else, no matter how hard you look or who you ask... Get Your Free Copy Of This Software!

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